To get an estimate of tuition and fees in your field of study, simply make your selections from the pull-down menus. Amounts displayed are intended as an estimate only, and should not be used for billing purposes. Charges will vary, depending on the student’s actual registration, demographics and course of study. All rates are subject to change.
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*** Other Notes ***
  • Amounts are per semester, except for the orientation charge, which is a one-time charge for new and transferring undergraduate students. Application fees are not included.
  • Course specific fees are not included in the estimate. See Special Course Fees for a complete list of course fees.
  • This calculator is not intended for use in determining cost-of-attendance for financial aid purposes. See the Office of Financial Aid website for cost-of-attendance calculations.
  • To estimate the Room and Board Rates per semester, please see the Housing Rates & Application site.
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